1. Don’t go to meetings.
  2. If you do go, “be Late”.
  3. If weather is bad, “don’t even think about going.
  4. When you do attend a meeting, find fault with everything!
  5. Never accept an office, it is much easier to sit back and criticize!
  6. If you are appointed to a committee, don’t go to the meetings, if you are not appointed get peeved about it!
  7. When you opinion is asked, reply that you have nothing to say, but after the meeting, “tell everyon how things should be done”.
  8. Do nothing more than what is absoulutely necessary:  when others do the lion’s share tell everyone “the organization is run by a clique!
  9. Don’t worry about paying your dues – wait until you receive two or three notices.  It will give someone something to do and keep him or her from getting lazy and also waste time and money.
  10. Don’t bother about getting new members:  Let the ones who do all the other work do that too.